About us

Mission : AquExperts aims at putting its expertise at the disposal of governmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector to contribute to global food security.

Vision : AquExperts’ vision is to become the global reference providing sustainable solutions to challenges related to aquaculture, fisheries and management of living aquatic resources.

Core values : Excellence-Integrity-Transparency-Sustainability.

  • Advances in Aquaculture

  • Advances in Fisheries

  • Advances in Medicine

  • Advances in Pharmacy

  • Advances in agriculture

  • Advances in sociology

  • Advances in Computer Sciences


AquExperts will soon launch the Institute for Certified Professional Aquaculturists (ICPA), which will aim at certifying the skills and experiences of professional aquaculture specialists in order to reduce economic, environmental and social risks associated with aquaculture practices, and ensure that the expected development of aquaculture is done in a sustainable manner by true professionals.


AquExperts provides a friendly, inclusive and multicultural work environment that promotes teamwork, accountability, diversity and gender equality.

AquExperts offers competitive compensations and generous benefit packages. Please feel free to apply for the job openings outlined below if you believe that you are a good fit for the positions.